Month: March 2013

Episode 028 – Sean and Jen McCown

SeanJenThis week in episode 028 I’m joined by the Midnight DBAs Sean and Jen McCown.  Sean and Jen are located in Dallas Texas where they broadcast the Midnight DBA webcast from.  In this weeks episode we talk about a bunch of different topics including some of the issues with moving from a more traditional job role as a database administrator to being an Independent Consultant, among other topics that you’ll just have to listen in to explore.  We do kind of jump all over the place.

Episode 027 – Boris Hristov

Boris HristovThis week in episode 027 I’m joined by Boris Hristov from Bulgaria.  Boris is a SQL Server Database Administrator and Trainer for HP in their consulting services branch of the company.  In this episode Boris and I talk about why all DBAs need to have basic presentation skills.  And it isn’t even for those DBAs who want to get into presenting, but just the normal DBAs which most of us are need to bone up on our PowerPoint and get used to standing in front of our peers at the office from time to time.

Aside from that we also chat a little bit about some of the issues that people are seeing when it comes to adopting SQL Server 2012 (hint, it’s mostly a money problem).

As always, thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show.

Episode 026 – Chris Testa-O’neill, John Martin & Andre Kamman

This week in episode 026 I’m joined by Chris Testa-O’neill, John Martin and Andre Kamman.  Chris is a BI consultant with CoEo based in the UK, John is a Database Administrator based on the UK and Andre is a BI and SQL Server consultant based in the Neatherlands.  In this episode, which was recorded at SQL Saturday 194 in Exeter, England, we talk all about BI Architecture and some of the things that people should be looking at when starting a BI project.

I hope you enjoy the session.

Chris Testa-O'NeillSQLMonkeyHeadshotAndre Kamman


Episode 025 – Grant Fritchey

GrantRedGateSmilingThis week in episode, number 025 I’m joined by Grant Fritchey.  Grant is a product evangelist for Red Gate software which means he’s probably got the coolest job around.  His job is to talk to people about Red Gate’s products.

During the show this week we talk about some of the ups and downs of working from home and some of the tricks that we’ve learned over the years of working from home to keep yourself sane and keep being productive while working somewhere which is both distracting and isolating all that the same time.

You can find out more about grant on his blog “Home of the Scary DBA“.