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Episode 028 – Sean and Jen McCown

SeanJenThis week in episode 028 I’m joined by the Midnight DBAs Sean and Jen McCown.  Sean and Jen are located in Dallas Texas where they broadcast the Midnight DBA webcast from.  In this weeks episode we talk about a bunch of different topics including some of the issues with moving from a more traditional job role as a database administrator to being an Independent Consultant, among other topics that you’ll just have to listen in to explore.  We do kind of jump all over the place.

Episode 022 – Gail Shaw

GailThis week in episode 022 I’m joined by Gail Shaw who is a fellow SQL Server MVP and a SQL Server Consultant from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Gail is a major question answerer on some of the forums where she answers lots of SQL Server programming questions.  During this weeks episode Gail and I talk through some of the biggest problems that she sees in questions that are asked.  This includes things like BEGIN TRANSACTION, COMMIT and ROLLBACK TRANSACTION, as well as a single stored procedure that does everything, and of the biggest issues that she sees online error handling, or more specifically the lack of error handling and the improper use of error handling.