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Episode 029 – Jessica Moss


This week in episode 029 I’m joined by Jessica Moss who is a Senior Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Architect from Virginia.  In this episode Jessica and I talk about what a data warehouse is, and some of the problems that came come up with working through a data warehouse project.  Specifically how the language of the business, who has their own language much like IT does, can greatly impact how the data warehouse project is worked through.  Additionally you need to get people to set aside their own ideas of how things need to be done so that, at least for a while, people who are working on the data warehouse project focus on the data warehouse and it’s needs not just the needs of the line of business application which they normally work on.

Episode 028 – Sean and Jen McCown

SeanJenThis week in episode 028 I’m joined by the Midnight DBAs Sean and Jen McCown.  Sean and Jen are located in Dallas Texas where they broadcast the Midnight DBA webcast from.  In this weeks episode we talk about a bunch of different topics including some of the issues with moving from a more traditional job role as a database administrator to being an Independent Consultant, among other topics that you’ll just have to listen in to explore.  We do kind of jump all over the place.

Episode 025 – Grant Fritchey

GrantRedGateSmilingThis week in episode, number 025 I’m joined by Grant Fritchey.  Grant is a product evangelist for Red Gate software which means he’s probably got the coolest job around.  His job is to talk to people about Red Gate’s products.

During the show this week we talk about some of the ups and downs of working from home and some of the tricks that we’ve learned over the years of working from home to keep yourself sane and keep being productive while working somewhere which is both distracting and isolating all that the same time.

You can find out more about grant on his blog “Home of the Scary DBA“.

Episode 023 – Chris Webb

Chris headshot croppedThis week in episode 023 I’m joined by Chris Webb.  Chris is a SSAS and PowerPivot Consultant and Trainer based out of the UK.  Chris and I talked over Office 2013, BI and where everything BI has come from, where it is in 2013 and where it’ll be going in the future.  We also talk over some of the potential pitfalls that BI adoption has which includes the fact that people don’t deploy the new versions of Microsoft Office right away.  Hopefully things like Office 365 and SharePoint Online will help people move into the BI Space faster.  Listen in for more…

Episode 022 – Gail Shaw

GailThis week in episode 022 I’m joined by Gail Shaw who is a fellow SQL Server MVP and a SQL Server Consultant from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Gail is a major question answerer on some of the forums where she answers lots of SQL Server programming questions.  During this weeks episode Gail and I talk through some of the biggest problems that she sees in questions that are asked.  This includes things like BEGIN TRANSACTION, COMMIT and ROLLBACK TRANSACTION, as well as a single stored procedure that does everything, and of the biggest issues that she sees online error handling, or more specifically the lack of error handling and the improper use of error handling.

Episode 019 – Jared Shockley

JaredThis week in episode 019 I’m joined by Jared Shockley who is the Director of IT at a Radiology Practice in Washington State and a former Microsoft employee where he worked as one of the Operations Manager for MSIT/Finance.  We had a great conversation where we talked about the wonderful world of data compliance.  While compliance isn’t the most fun thing in the world to deal with, we IT folks do have to deal with data compliance on a regular basis.  While there isn’t much that can be done with older systems, systems which are still under development can have compliance required auditing built directly into the application for just a couple hundred dollars of development time instead of spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars after the fact.

Episode 018 – Troy Hunt

Today in Episode 018 I’m joined by Troy Hunt who is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Security out of Sydney, Australia.  As both Troy and I share an interest in Data and Application security that is the focus of our conversation.  As you can’t have a security conversation without talking about SQL Injection that did come up once or twice, including the fact that SQL Injection (or injection attacks in general) is the #1 Application Security Risk according to the OWASP Top 10 list for 2010 (the most recent year that the list is available for).

While security might not seem like an exciting topic, I had to cut the conversation short as we could have talked for hours.

Episode 016 – Ben Miller

This week in episode 016, which is the final episode of 2012, I’m joined by fellow SQL Server MVP Ben Miller (aka @DBAduck) who is an independent consultant in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ben and I have talked back in October just before the PASS Summit, which was of course a topic of conversation as was the new SQL Server 2012 server that Ben just deployed.

Enjoy the last episode of 2012, the next episode will be January 8, 2013.

From all my guests and myself have a great holiday season and a happy New Years and we’ll see you in 2013.

Episode 015 – Argenis Fernandez

This week for episode 15 I’m joined by Argenis Fernandez who is a senior consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS).  Argenis and I discussed some of the client projects that he’s seen over the years including some absolute SQL security disasters that we’ve both seen in our days of working within IT.  It’s an interesting discussion of what not to do.

We also talk briefly about BIML which is a new language for building ETL which Argenis says that you can read about in Chapter 17 or SQL Server 2012 Integration Services Design Practices written by Andy Leonard, Matt Masson, Tim Mitchell, Jessica Moss and Michelle Ufford (available as a paperback or on the Kindle).