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Episode 013 – Thomas LaRock and Joey D’Antoni

In this weeks episode of People Talking Tech which was recorded at SQL Saturday 145, I’m joined by Thomas LaRock and Joey D’Antoni.  Thomas is the Happy Maker and provider of Afternoon Ignite at Confio Software and Joey is the Principal Architect at Comcast Cable.  In this episode we talk about the fact that Database Administrators as a whole will need expand their careers more towards being a data professional instead of a hard core database administrator.  It turned into a pretty interesting conversation I think, hopefully you’ll think so as well.


Episode 012 – Jonathan Gardner

In todays episode I’m joined by Jonathan Gardner who is a Sr. Systems Architect for GEOCENT.  In this episode, which was recorded at SQL Saturday 145, we talk about Office 365 which I’m quite impressed with from the features that Jonathan talks about.  It seems that Office 365 has really come a long way from the service that I saw being released when it first came out.

Episode 009 – Jorge Segarra

In episode 9 this week I’m joined by Jorge Segarra (also known as SQL Chicken), SQL Consultant for Pragmatic Works.  Jorge and I chat about the Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse and SQL Server 2012 Licensing.  We also talk about Oracle’s Java, Adobe and plenty of more things that need complaining about.  We ended up finishing by talking about all the fun travel.

This weeks episode is a little longer than normal at almost 32 minutes.  Consider yourself warned.

Episode 008 – Robert Davis

In this weeks episode I’m joined by Robert Davis, Senior SQL Server Evangelist for Idera Software who joins me from Seattle, Washington.  Robert who is also a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server 2008 and I take a lighter less technical approach and talk this week all about conferences and the challenges that people can have in picking a conference to attend.  We also talk a little about some of the challenges for the sponsors of these conferences when it comes to picking a conference to sponsor.

Episode 007 – Jason Strate

In episode 7 this week I’m joined by Jason Strate, architect with Pragmatic Works.  Jason and I talk in this episode about some of the patterns that he has seen over the years as a consultant both from a technology perspective and from a business/internal politics perspective.

Episode 006 – Mike Steineke

This week I’m joined by Mike Steineke VP of IT at EdgeNet.  In this episode Mike and I discussed some of the new features of Windows 2012 including Windows and SQL Server clustering, Hyper-V v3 and more.

Yes there’s a little flub during the recording.  Mike does say that Windows 2008 R2 Standard supports clustering which isn’t correct.  SQL 2008 R2 Standard supports clustering, not Windows.

Episode 005 – Lara Rubbelke

In this weeks episode I’m joined by Lara Rubbelke a product managed from Microsoft who works with the SQL Server customer experience team.  On this episode we talked a little more about the NoSQL community and the various platforms which are available in the NoSQL world.  Lara also reveals who one of her co-presenters at the SQL PASS Summit will be, so be sure to tune in to see who her co-presenter will be.

Episode 003 – SQL PASS Board Candidates

In episode 003 of People Talking Tech I’m joined by all 5 of the candidates for the SQL PASS board.  These 5 guests (in no specific order) would be Allen Kinsel, Wendy Pastrick, James Rolland Jones, Sri Sridharan and Kendal Van Dyke.  During this web casts we talk a little about PASS and what these 5 candidates would do if they were elected to the board.

If you are a member of the SQL PASS organization be sure to vote when voting opens.  You’ll receive an email if you are eligible to vote.

Episode 002 – Tim Ford

Tim Ford joins me from Kalamazoo, MI in this episode, where he is a consultant at B-Side Consulting (www.b-sideconsulting.com) and owner of SQL Cruise (www.sqlcruise.com).  Tim is chatting today with me about SQL Server 2012 and some really interesting SSIS and SSRS reporting that he’s put together which is based off of some work that Rodney Landrum published.

Episode 001 – Karen Lopez

In this weeks episode I’m joined by Karen Lopez.  Karen is a project manager and architect with Info Advisors.  She is also a fellow NASA TweetUp alumni as well as being the owner of some of the most famous and well traveled Barbie dolls in the world.  During this episode we talk about the world of NoSQL and how this non-relational data concept is becoming a much more mature technology with a wonderful community of people.