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Episode 021 – Richard Hicks

rh_200x300This week in episode 021 I’m joined by Richard Hicks which is a networking and information security expect specializing in Microsoft technologies. As a four-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), he has traveled around the world speaking to network engineers, security  administrators, and IT professionals about Microsoft edge security and remote access solutions.  A former information security engineer for a Fortune 100 financial services company in the U.S., he has nearly two decades experience working in large scale corporate computing environments. He has designed and deployed perimeter defense and secure remote access solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. Richard has served as a technical reviewer on several Windows networking and security books, and is a contributing author for WindowsSecurity.com and ISAserver.org.

In this podcast we talk all about Direct Access and Remote Access, the overall differences between the two concepts and some of the stumbling blocks that people may run into when planning on deploying Direct Access on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012.

Episode 020 – Matt Griffin

MattThis week in episode 020 I’m joined by Matt Griffin who is officially the youngest person to join us on the show to date.  He’s fresh out of college having graduates only a few months ago but he has been able to get a job as a Technology Analyst at Apparatus in Indianapolis, Indiana .  During this episode of People Talking Tech we talk about the experience that Matt had while moving from college student into IT professional.  Matt also has some great advice for those who are moving through college and into the working world.  This includes when to look at IT certifications, what to say during a job interview and most importantly what not to say during the job interview.

Episode 018 – Troy Hunt

Today in Episode 018 I’m joined by Troy Hunt who is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Security out of Sydney, Australia.  As both Troy and I share an interest in Data and Application security that is the focus of our conversation.  As you can’t have a security conversation without talking about SQL Injection that did come up once or twice, including the fact that SQL Injection (or injection attacks in general) is the #1 Application Security Risk according to the OWASP Top 10 list for 2010 (the most recent year that the list is available for).

While security might not seem like an exciting topic, I had to cut the conversation short as we could have talked for hours.

Episode 010 – Stephen Rose

This week in episode 010 I’m joined by Stephen Rose who is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for the Windows commercial team at Microsoft.  As a part of his job at Microsoft Stephen works on the Springboard website and writes the Springboard newsletter.  Stephen and I have been friends for several years now going back to before he worked for Microsoft when we first met at our local Southern California Code Camps.  During the episode today we talked about something which is near and dear to Stephen right now, Windows 8 having just released and the Surface RT which released just a couple of weeks ago.

Stephen and I talked about some of the resources which are available for IT Professionals that are looking to deploy Windows 8 such as the Windows 8 Jump Start which is 6 1/2 hours of videos which Stephen and Joey Snow have put together.  We also talk through some of the great new features in Windows 8 such as Windows To Go which allows you to install the entire Windows 8 OS on a USB drive running the computer from the thumb drive on any computer which is Windows 8 certified without having to actually install Windows on that piece of hardware.  There are some great use cases for this technology and we talk about a few of them in the recording.

Stephen also gives an overview of how you’ll be able to install Windows 8 native applications through a private app store even when the machines aren’t members of the Active Directory domain.  We also touch on some of the new features of Windows 2012 Server’s Direct Access feature, the changes to Bit Locker in Windows 8 as well as the new Client HyperVisor which is available in Windows 8.  There is lots more good stuff in here, so listen in.