Episode 011 – Chris Ross

This week for episode 11 I’m joined by fellow MVP Chris Ross.  Chris is a Managing Consultant with Catapult Systems and runs the Service Manager User Group of North America.  Chris and I discussed a couple of Microsoft products today which I knew of, but didn’t really know anything about; Service Manager and Orchestrator.  Service Manager ended up being the bulk of our conversation as when the conversation started I thought that it was just a help desk ticketing tool, but it turns out that it’s much more than that.  It is really a systems management automation tool that seems like it can really help a lot of customers with managing permissions and systems access to both native Microsoft systems as well as various third party systems.

Like all good conversations about technology there is a bit of complaining about the technology, specifically how the installations aren’t quite as cut and try and there’s a lot of design decisions that need to be made and depending on your perspective those decisions could be different.  Chris mentions a specific blog post by Cameron Fuller, which you’ll find here.

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