Episode 024 – Karen Lopez

PanelPortraitIn this weeks episode, which is episode 24, I’m joined once again by Karen Lopez.  Karen is a project manager and architect with Info Advisors.  She is also a fellow NASA TweetUp alumni as well as being the owner of some of the most famous and well traveled Barbie dolls in the world.  During this episode we talk about data security, and data loss.  Data loss has been a major problem recently for a lot of companies and government agencies which has led to a lot of peoples information being exposed to what ever random person found/stole it.  Karen and I talk about some of these recent data loss events and how they happened and how they could have been avoided; and most importantly why they should be avoided.   Karen has written a lot about data breaches which you can read about here.

Here are some write-ups of some of the data breaches which we talked about during the podcast.

Got Health Data? Your Penalty Exposures For Data Breaches Just Increased

Federal Department Bans Use of Portable Devices (YAFF)

Utah Health Department – Yet Another Flashdrive FAIL (YAFF)

BC Health Ministry Data Breach Affects Millions

Karen’s Data Modeling Blog at Datversity.net

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