Episode 025 – Grant Fritchey

GrantRedGateSmilingThis week in episode, number 025 I’m joined by Grant Fritchey.  Grant is a product evangelist for Red Gate software which means he’s probably got the coolest job around.  His job is to talk to people about Red Gate’s products.

During the show this week we talk about some of the ups and downs of working from home and some of the tricks that we’ve learned over the years of working from home to keep yourself sane and keep being productive while working somewhere which is both distracting and isolating all that the same time.

You can find out more about grant on his blog “Home of the Scary DBA“.

Episode 024 – Karen Lopez

PanelPortraitIn this weeks episode, which is episode 24, I’m joined once again by Karen Lopez.  Karen is a project manager and architect with Info Advisors.  She is also a fellow NASA TweetUp alumni as well as being the owner of some of the most famous and well traveled Barbie dolls in the world.  During this episode we talk about data security, and data loss.  Data loss has been a major problem recently for a lot of companies and government agencies which has led to a lot of peoples information being exposed to what ever random person found/stole it.  Karen and I talk about some of these recent data loss events and how they happened and how they could have been avoided; and most importantly why they should be avoided.   Karen has written a lot about data breaches which you can read about here.

Here are some write-ups of some of the data breaches which we talked about during the podcast.

Got Health Data? Your Penalty Exposures For Data Breaches Just Increased

Federal Department Bans Use of Portable Devices (YAFF)

Utah Health Department – Yet Another Flashdrive FAIL (YAFF)

BC Health Ministry Data Breach Affects Millions

Karen’s Data Modeling Blog at Datversity.net

Salary data



Episode 023 – Chris Webb

Chris headshot croppedThis week in episode 023 I’m joined by Chris Webb.  Chris is a SSAS and PowerPivot Consultant and Trainer based out of the UK.  Chris and I talked over Office 2013, BI and where everything BI has come from, where it is in 2013 and where it’ll be going in the future.  We also talk over some of the potential pitfalls that BI adoption has which includes the fact that people don’t deploy the new versions of Microsoft Office right away.  Hopefully things like Office 365 and SharePoint Online will help people move into the BI Space faster.  Listen in for more…

Episode 022 – Gail Shaw

GailThis week in episode 022 I’m joined by Gail Shaw who is a fellow SQL Server MVP and a SQL Server Consultant from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Gail is a major question answerer on some of the forums where she answers lots of SQL Server programming questions.  During this weeks episode Gail and I talk through some of the biggest problems that she sees in questions that are asked.  This includes things like BEGIN TRANSACTION, COMMIT and ROLLBACK TRANSACTION, as well as a single stored procedure that does everything, and of the biggest issues that she sees online error handling, or more specifically the lack of error handling and the improper use of error handling.

Episode 021 – Richard Hicks

rh_200x300This week in episode 021 I’m joined by Richard Hicks which is a networking and information security expect specializing in Microsoft technologies. As a four-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), he has traveled around the world speaking to network engineers, security  administrators, and IT professionals about Microsoft edge security and remote access solutions.  A former information security engineer for a Fortune 100 financial services company in the U.S., he has nearly two decades experience working in large scale corporate computing environments. He has designed and deployed perimeter defense and secure remote access solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. Richard has served as a technical reviewer on several Windows networking and security books, and is a contributing author for WindowsSecurity.com and ISAserver.org.

In this podcast we talk all about Direct Access and Remote Access, the overall differences between the two concepts and some of the stumbling blocks that people may run into when planning on deploying Direct Access on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012.

Episode 020 – Matt Griffin

MattThis week in episode 020 I’m joined by Matt Griffin who is officially the youngest person to join us on the show to date.  He’s fresh out of college having graduates only a few months ago but he has been able to get a job as a Technology Analyst at Apparatus in Indianapolis, Indiana .  During this episode of People Talking Tech we talk about the experience that Matt had while moving from college student into IT professional.  Matt also has some great advice for those who are moving through college and into the working world.  This includes when to look at IT certifications, what to say during a job interview and most importantly what not to say during the job interview.