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SQL Server Radio – Show 6 – Conference Season

This post is a little bit different from prior recordings which I’ve posted. The big difference here that you’ll notice is that I’m not the person doing the interview, instead I’m being interviewing for SQL Server Radio which you can find at sqlserverradio.co.il. In this recording by Matan, which was done at the SQL Rally Amsterdam, we cover a bunch of topics.

Normally Matan does his podcast in Hebrew as he’s normally recording in Israel. This recording is thankfully in English as my Hebrew is a little rusty. 🙂 The part with me which is in English starts a little more than 5 minutes into the recording.

You can find the original posting on Matan’s podcast site or you can listen to the recording below.

Welcome to People Talking Tech

Welcome to the brand new technology podcast People Talking Tech.  My name is Denny Cherry and I’ll be your host on this podcast.  The goal of this podcast is to bring on a variety of people from all areas of technology…