Welcome to People Talking Tech

Welcome to the brand new technology podcast People Talking Tech.  My name is Denny Cherry and I’ll be your host on this podcast.  The goal of this podcast is to bring on a variety of people from all areas of technology and see what’s on their minds about the technology that they work with from day to day.  Now personally I’m a Microsoft SQL Server person, but we won’t be limited to just talking about SQL Server.  There is so much interesting technology out there from the enhancements to .NET and web browsing in HTML, to the tablet computer wars, to the new Windows 8 and the Metro UI that everyone loves to hate.

On this podcast we’ll be exploring them all.  Be sure to check out the first pod cast coming next week on September 11th when I’m joined by my first guest Karen Lopez.

This should be about the only post that you see on this site which doesn’t have a podcast recording to go with it. as I really don’t want you to have to read the content here but instead listen in your spare time.

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